The Impacts of Behavioural Economics on Financial Markets and Regulations Symposium was hosted by the Queensland Behavioural Economics (QuBE) group, at the QUT Gardens Theatre Foyer, on Tuesday 18 October, 2016.

Insights from Behavioural Economics and Finance are being increasingly adopted by policymakers all over the world to understand human behaviour as it relates to decision-making under real economic and financial circumstances to enhance policy outcomes. Topics covered will explore a range of current research projects being conducted in economics, finance and accounting at QUT.


Invited speaker

Peter Kell, Deputy Chairman, Australian Securities & Investments Commission

(recorded QUT Gardens Theatre Foyer, 18 October 2016)

Peter Kell's speech is also available from the ASIC website - ASIC and behavioural economics: Regulating for real people

QUT staff

Symposium Outline

The following is an approximate outline of the symposium:

9:00 am

Coffee and Welcome

9:20 am

Opening address by Arun Sharma, QUT Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Commercialisation)

9:30 am

Address by Peter Kell, Deputy Chairman, Australian Securities & Investments Commission

10:15 am

Morning Tea

10:45 am

6 x 15 minute presentations to showcase behavioural economics and finance projects at QUT:

  1. Anup Basu, Impact of advisors' conflict of interest disclosure on clients' decisions
  2. Rosalind Mason, Behavioural Economic Insights into Bankruptcy Reform
  3. Adam Clements, News and network structures in equity market volatility
  4. Benno Torgler, Experiences in Applying Behavioural Economics/Insights in the Area of Tax Compliance
  5. Tony Beatton, Does Education Reduce Crime in Queensland? An application of Big Data
  6. Lionel Page, Improving financial literacy, starting from misperceptions

12:30 pm


1:30 pm

Workshop to explore possible areas of collaboration in a group setting

2:45 pm

Close of symposium

Enquiries and Registration

This symposium is free-of-charge, however for the purposes of catering, we ask that you register your attendance.

For further details please contact the Coordinator:

Angela Fletcher
Queensland University of Technology